The HOA is made up of volunteers.  Most of the volunteers joined to do something positive for the neighborhood and one another.  While some of the function of an HOA is to enforce the restrictive covenants, it is certainly the least personally rewarding aspect of the volunteers job.  Please keep this in mind before calling a board member with your issue.  Below are guidelines you should use before calling a board member about your concern.

1.)  If the concern is with a neighbor, you should first talk to that neighbor directly before calling anyone.  Give them a chance to resolve before taking further measures.  We often hear that a person does not want to talk to the neighbor about the issue out of concern for  their relationship with that neighbor, or possibly concern for their safety.  It is not reasonable to put a volunteer board member in such a position if you yourself are not willing to do so first.

2.) It is important to distinguish what is a City Ordinance complaint vs an HOA complaint and contact the appropriate parties.  Examples of such will be listed below.  Do not expect the HOA to take on a city ordinance issue on your behalf.  It is your responsibility to call the Mayors Action Line to report and followup on any city ordinance violation.

Examples of City Ordinance Violations: Call 918-596-2100

1. Yard and Structure Maintenance including:

Tall Grass (12 inches)
Trash, Junk, Debris in yard or on curb
Stagnant Swimming Pools
Broken Windows
Structure in need of repair
Tarps on roof, cave in, etc
Dead Trees that pose a safety risk

2.) Road Maintenance of Any Kind

3.) Graffiti

4.)Abandoned, Disabled, or Illegally parked cars

Cars parked in yard
Commercial Vehicles such as Box Trucks

5.) Barking Dogs

When to call the HOA –

For any issue specifically listed in the covenants for your section of the neighborhood after you have discussed with the neighbor in question with no resolution.  The preferred method of communication is via e-mail as our volunteers may have other work and family obligations that you could be interrupting when you call.  Please be respectful of their time and remember your dues are not paying for your access to them, their time is generously given to the HOA.

Thank you for your consideration;