Household Pollutant Collection Facility

Disposing of Household Pollutants

Beginning in January 2016, a year-round facility will be open and free for Tulsa residents to dispose of household pollutants by appointment.

The Household Pollutant facility is the first of its kind in northeast Oklahoma and certified staff with more than 25 years of experience and training will be on site to handle household pollutant materials. The facility will service the greater Tulsa metro area, but citizens must contact their respective municipalities for information on disposal options and costs before making an appointment. The facility will only accept household pollutants generated by household users and the facility is not available for commercial companies or businesses.

The Importance of Proper Disposal

Did you know many of the chemicals we have in our households could be considered hazardous if used or disposed of in an improper way? The City hopes a permanent disposal facility will discourage disposal of household pollutants down sanitary sewers, storm drains, or into the trash and recycling systems, which pose a risk for the environment, water sources, wastewater collection and treatment systems, and for staff handling the household pollutant materials in the trash and recycling systems.

Accepted and Non-Accepted Items

All wastes are subject to inspection and possible rejection. If wastes are not accepted by the facility it is the customers’ responsibility to dispose of the waste properly and within federal, state and local laws.

Accepted Items Include: Fluorescent and CFL Lightbulbs | Oil Based Paints and Paint Thinner | Flammable Liquids | Lawn Chemicals | Automotive Fluids | Cooking Oil/Grease |  Aerosols | Household and Car Batteries | Household Cleaners | Pool Chemicals

Non-Accepted Items Include: Industrial or Commercially Generated Waste (including NHIW waste) | Latex Paint | Medical or Biomedical Waste | Asbestos Food or Organic Waste |  Radioactive Material | Ammunition/Explosives | Electronics | Tires | Compressed Gas |  Cylinders | Unknown Materials or Substances

Open by Appointment Only: Call (918) 596-2100
Hours of Operation: Wednesday and Saturday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
4502 S. Galveston Ave. | Tulsa, OK 74107

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