Citizens Alert Patrol

The Program

Citizens Alert Patrol (CAP) is a program of the Crime Commission of Tulsa.  Patrols are organized at the neighborhood association level.

The Purpose

The role of our CAP is to provide additional “eyes and ears” extending the capability of the Tulsa Police:  Observe, Record, Report.

The Framework

Volunteers are trained in sessions taught by Tulsa Police staff.  Patrollers choose times during which they will patrol.  Magnetic signs are provided to identify the vehicles of patrollers.

The Benefit

The presence of CAP patrollers in Shadow Mountain makes very clear to people of bad intent that we are alert to conditions which could lead to crimes against people and property in the neighborhood.  The trusted connection of patrollers to the Tulsa Police Department means patroller’s reports are taken seriously and with urgency.

How to Participate

Residents are invited to volunteer for the Shadow Mountain Citizens Alert Patrol.  The steps are easy:

  1. Submit an application to the Crime Commission.  The approval process includes a background check.
  2. Sign up for a training session to receive certification and an understanding of the role of patrollers.  Notifications of upcoming training sessions will be distributed through this web site and SMHA newsletters.
  3. After training is completed, sign up for patrol times which are convenient to you, using the online schedule shared by the patrollers.

Where to Start

Complete and submit the CAP Application.

If you have questions, contact our CAP Program coordinator at this e-mail address: